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31 July 2000


Edited By Richard P. Huemer, M.D. W. H. Freeman, NYC, 1986 

This book is the most intimate description of the story of orthomolecular

medicine in existence. The fact that these essays are written by some of the

pioneers of orthomolecular medicine is what gives this small volume a

weighty presence in medical history. Roots is a collection of papers

presented at the Orthomolecular Medical Society in 1983. It includes basic

science papers by Emile Zuckerkandl on susceptibility to disease; Richard

Jones and Daniel Shih on hemoglobin variants; Jerzy Meduski on photon

counting (chemiluminescence) in measurement of tissue oxidation; lrwin Stone

on vitamin C; Stephen Levine and Parris Kidd on Antioxidant Adaptation,

Ewen Cameron on carnitine; Melvin Greenblatt on nitrites, nitrosamines and

vitamin C; Jonathan Rothschild on phospholipids, and Denham Harman on

The Aging Process. There are clinical orthomolecular papers by Jeffrey Bland

on treating lipid peroxidation, Michael Rosenbaum on immunology and

Richard Kunin on orthomolecular psychiatry. And there are classic reviews

of the events that shaped orthomolecular medicine by John Catchpool, lrving

Bengelsdorf, Zelek Herman, Richard Huemer, and Linus Pauling.


There is no other compendium on orthomolecular medicine as entertaining

and informative as this one; and none so full of personal details and

historical anecdotes that illustrate Linus Pauling's devotion to ortho-

molecular medicine, the major area of his research efforts in the last third of

his life. Because the very word 'orthomolecular' remains controversial, this

aspect of Dr. Pauling's achievements has been downplayed by his

biographers, There is no other source that equals Roots in providing a

perspective on Linus Pauling's medical thinking and research that comes as

close to "virtual reality" as this one. You will prize your copy of Roots

because you will find something of your own intellectual and professional

roots here.


Dr. Huemer deserves to be proud of this accomplishment as editor of Roots

of Molecular Medicine; and everyone with any interest in orthomolecular

medicine should have this book. It reads better every time I go back to It.

While it may someday go out of print, its value can only increase, for it will

never go out of date.


Richard A. Kunin, M.D.

President, Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine



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