Walt presents the storyboards for "The New Spirit", produced for the Treasury Department,  January, 1942.

L-R: Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr., Walt, Assistant Sec'y John L. Sullivan, Assistant to the Sec'y George Buffington, Joe Grant, Dick Huemer.

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From Los Angeles Examiner, 5 Jan. 1942, Section 1, page 7

Walt Disney and Authors of 'Dumbo' Will Confer With Morgenthau on Wartime Morale Plan

by Louella O. Parsons

The classic walls of the Secretary of the Treasury's office will echo with a different kind of meeting this morning. Walt Disney and his two writers, Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, authors of "Dumbo," will meet Secretary of the Treasury Morgantheau [sic] at a "gag" meeting--the first of its kind ever to be held in a Government office. They will discuss an unrevealed plan to use all Disney animated characters in a wartime drive. I suppose Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Jimmy [sic] Cricket, and all the characters we love will do their part to help in a  propaganda--or shall we say morale--plan. The Disney contingent planed out for Washington last eve.

From The Hollywood Reporter, 8 January 1942, Vol. LXVI, No. 21, page 2

Disney's Tax Reel Rushed for Release

Having postponed for the duration all projected features, Walt Disney's decks are cleared for fast action on any morale or government cartoon desired, and the move is kicked off with combined efforts of the Disney creators being funnelled into a rush job on an income tax reel built around Donald Duck. It's intended for the nation's theatres on Feb. 1. As evidence of the speed the plant is now showing, the reel was started two weeks ago, the story board's [sic] completed, narration recorded, and even with changes in script by Treasury Secretary Morgenthau, with whom Walt and his top writers, Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, are now huddling in Washington, the reel will be delivered to Technicolor in time to strike off 1000 prints before the Feb. 1 deadline. Ordinarily, Disney's men require two or three months on each short.

From Daily Variety, 29 January 1943, Vol. 38, No. 38, page 1

Disney, Staff Writers East On Govt. Biz

Walt Disney, accompanied by his staff writers, Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, heads east on the Chief tonight for New York where producer goes on a mission involving several government sponsored screen projects. He will be in New York for opening of his 'Saludos Amigos' at the Globe Theatre, Feb. 12. Included in Disney's itinerary also are Washington, Boston, Chicago and Detroit.

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